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NBcloth Tools is a pipeline tool that automates the caching and finaling process of simulating a 3d character using nCloth. it gives the animator tools to tweak the cloth to its final stage and cache it to maya geometry cache. As cloth artists, we always reach a point where we have a simulation and a […]

Now Available free at Creativecrash.com This tool takes your cloth object and duplicates(NCLOTH &NUCLUES  together) its geometry or a piece of it (as selected) , separating it from the current scene and allows the user to set the cloth preset much faster in cool UI that combines important attributes from the nucleus as well as the ncloth shape, it […]

I was Responsible for dispatching mass crowd cloth shots through out a propiatary batching process that integrates with MPC’s pipeline. Updating basic cloth setups,Correcting Errors and releasing them back to the rendering stages on the pipeline. I also created particle instances of falling letters for some “post office” shots and particle snow shots for the […]