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Concept art of a cellular phone-stand called  i-Stand. This was a first version and a draft created at 2009. its been so long i decided its time to share it along with all its quirks (the weird shaped iphone, balded woman etc…) It has evolved quite a bit since then and might be going into production. […]

3D Crew

September 16, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

An experiment using the kinnect and Reconstructme software, each individual was scanned sepratley and then composed in maya for the final shot. presented with sketchfab technology. the camera movement was a test for motion driven cameras. we used SOUP’S  Kinect-to-Maya plug in to drive the motion in maya. using a kinnect 360 xbox sensor.    

This GUI was Created for DreamTeam-LTD back around 1999 ,as a new interface for their motion capture software Typhoon. A robust interface that enabled pre-editing scenes, live mocap recording, post process fixing and editing, and finally a fully orchestrated performance interface to sync elements into a live show.