Nadav Brill (aka Brillstudio)  has announced its new service StockCG, a Free Project manager, browser and an online Assetsmarket tool for autodesk Maya.

The system enables visualization user interfaces(UI) to manage your projects files over maya, as well as provide a social-based assets market and easy assets sharing with colleagues and co workers. Visually viewing your Maya projects and maintaining versions with notes and playblasts is easy when using StockCG app.

According to Nadav Brill, the developer, “Our aim is to achieve an online asset market tool that is social and will be created by StockCG community members worldwide, where newcomers, students, and studio’s professionals could go to on demand, search and download what they need instantly and avoid the unnecessary hassles of unzipping, repathing texture files, etc. Whether they are just learning new techniques, or crunching away in mid production, this tool is here to enhance artistic creativity and provide a new approach to assets handling over the net. It also provides a hangout place to find new assets and meet talented artists”.


Some of the main features with this tool include:

  • Easy one click purchase method inside the app in Maya.
  • Keep 100 % of your earned credits for purchasing new assets.

  • Private files,personal backup zone to keep your private assets on the cloud.

  • An easy to use Free Project Manager tool, for studios or individuals.

  • Share assets with friends. Adding friends to your account via the website grants direct access to their assets gallery within the app, where you can follow on their latest posts.

  • Google images search with-in the application.

StockCG is now available in early beta stages and is inviting artists worldwide to participate in the project by uploading new materials, showcasing and selling their work.

Nadav: “Our vision is to create a space within Maya that will enable quick access to assets and give artists a playground zone where they can download, share assets, learn from others’ experiences, experiment with different assets and use them to their own needs. We hope artists will price assets low enough so everyone could benefit from this as a microstock system for assets.”

The application is free — all you need is to register and download the application.

Private files and asset purchasing requires credits.

*Only windows Version is available at this point , with mac and Linux coming really soon, so make sure you register to get updated.

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