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ShaderMonger© is a Pipeline tool from Brillstudio directed to small and large studios as well as individual shading artists.

Essentially its a Shader Library Manager tool that enables multiple users to Share the same resources together over multiple projects while maintaining access to their relevant shader libraries, and of course asseting the new shaders created during workflow for later usage in Main library.

Extremely easy to use and flexible , you can catalog the shaders easily into different groups, back them up to your main library , create Customized thumbnails and more. No need to worry about textures, and paths , shadermonger will do this for you automatically. We support most of the shading engines like MentalRay, Vray etc.

We’ve added a Download & Install feature to the tool’s online gallery tab. so you always have access to basic and new shaders if you need them.

Give a try, its (still) Free.

“I decided to deploy it to my actual workplace and see what my co-workers thought. So far they love it and we have started to use it on a few upcoming productions to keep our shaders in a more tightly kept package. I would just like to say thanks for the great utility/plugin, for free, and we will soon be uploading a ton of shaders once production overtime winds down. Thanks again…” (Matt Pearson, Pixelfarm)


Download ShaderMonger

 Check out our New Online Gallery feature (PC version only)

New Features in Version 2.06:

  • Online Shader Gallery with direct downloads, donwload and install directly to shadermonger’s library.
  • Auto updater- automatic updates from webserver from now on, no need to reinstall Ever again !
  • Email shader easily with new right click -> Share button.
  • viewer improvments.
  • more to come….

Features included in Version 1.1 :

  • Breaking down shaders from objects and extracting  individual shading Groups.
  • Extracting multiple shaders at one go.
  • Rendering thumbnails from most render engines (maya software, mentalRay,Vray etc.. )
  • Easily Grouping and cataloging shaders.
  • Moving and and importing shaders across projects(with smart texture managment).
  • Main Library and Project Based Library.
  • Create custom setups for displaying of shaders.
  • supports Names Spacing.
  • supports Render layers.
  • Supports IBL (mentalRay).
  • Easy Creation of IBL with 2 built in libraries.
  • Extracts textures to unique folders based on shader’s name.
  • Rename shaders before saving to library.
  • Share your shaders (directly from maya) online with the world.
  • Automatic  packing  and posting of shaders with textures.