NBcloth Tools is a pipeline tool that automates the caching and finaling process of simulating a 3d character using nCloth.

it gives the animator tools to tweak the cloth to its final stage and cache it to maya geometry cache.

As cloth artists, we always reach a point where we have a simulation and a director leaning over you asking that you make the whole sim a little more subtle, hide certain parts of the sim, dampen them, increase them etc. Usually that would mean re-simming the whole shot.

this tool is here to help do some of those changes on the fly in real-time using a paint intuitive approach.

A few features why this is useful:



1.Extremely easy set-up for cloth rigs.

2.works on a proxy object while the object you want to render is intact.

2.easy handling – resting caching and playblasting is automatic.

3.No Pin or vertex based Constraints, just paint maps.

4.Real time feedback of manipulation

5.Integration with animation, the toolcan be used by animators.

and much more..

if you are interested in hearing more details about how you can get this tool , please contact the studio.



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