Fluids cacher is as it sounds, it enables easy managing for caching multiple fluids faster by optimization methods , such as hiding containers not currently cached, hiding the the fluid layer while caching etc.


-playblasting after cache is done
-multiple caching of fluids at once
-caching only one container at a time while disabling all others for quicker caching
-hiding cached container from visibility layer for faster caching.
-elapsed time count -easy GUI interface for hiding or editing parameters.
-easy viewing and deletion of caches currently in scene.

-when cache is done all fluids are visible. this might be fixed in future release.
-cache deletion is permanent ( no keeping of old caches)

future improvements in upcoming versions:
- rendering after caching done
– specific caching (density, color etc…)
– save to new file when done

put the bmp icon under your icon folder. just source and run the script.



any suggestions or feedback’s are always appreciated, write me to nadav@brillstudio.com
hope you enjoy and find useful.

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