Concept art of a cellular phone-stand called  i-Stand. This was a first version and a draft created at 2009. its been so long i decided its time to share it along with all its quirks (the weird shaped iphone, balded woman etc…) It has evolved quite a bit since then and might be going into production. […]

Back around 2002-2003 when voyant health was still orthocrat. this was how trauma-cad started to get its look and feel. Voyant Health™ is the new name of Orthocrat—the creator of TraumaCad™. Voyant Health has one mission: dramatically improve the orthopedic surgeon’s work process to support high-quality care and allow more time with patients. We help […]

This GUI was Created for DreamTeam-LTD back around 1999 ,as a new interface for their motion capture software Typhoon. A robust interface that enabled pre-editing scenes, live mocap recording, post process fixing and editing, and finally a fully orchestrated performance interface to sync elements into a live show.