I very much enjoyed taking part of this fantastic upcoming thriller. Hair and skull breakage simulations on my parts and allot of effects work created by my colleague Doron Kaufman. Benny Fredman directed this awesome screenplay.with an impressive cast including: Mali Levi Gershon, Rotem Keinan, Dror Keren, Igal Naor, Haim Znati, Ori Pfeffer and more. […]

Here is a little something i found lately in one of my folders, a shot I created for crew972 and prologue productions for the movie “the tempest”. this was look development for the shaders and lava dogs appearance of the movie.  animation: Alex Orelle compositing : Ronim Ganbar

Premiere Evening of Cannon fodder was great! Not going to say much about the film , there are a ton of articles all over the net, look it up     This shot was  apparently a unique one amongst zombie movies world wide. As i was told, no one  ever created a “back spine pull” […]

I was Responsible for dispatching mass crowd cloth shots through out a propiatary batching process that integrates with MPC’s pipeline. Updating basic cloth setups,Correcting Errors and releasing them back to the rendering stages on the pipeline. I also created particle instances of falling letters for some “post office” shots and particle snow shots for the […]