A PLY pointcloud importer that creates particles or nParticles with rgb color. Imports Ascii ply files with point cloud ,rgb and quality (as opacity) data. Easy install ( just put it in scripts folder and run command) Best for up to 1000000 points per file load .(can do more but takes a long time). Easily import […]

With this last update of StockCG  v.1.5, a big release note with many new important and cool features added. 3D Gallery User Portfolio section added  (Instamaya)  Instagram like sharing option directly from maya’s render view allows for quick and easy uploading of renders to your Online portfolio for feedbacks and more. SketchFab AutoEmbed. Users uploading a […]

Google images for Maya is an extension of StockCG – assets manager and Online Marketplace. more info at : Enables quick but limited search to google images directly within maya. Quickly import texture files, create ImagePlanes, and create blinn shader with texture inside Maya. Importing automatically to project’s sourceimages folder. “This marks the next step […]

Nadav Brill (aka Brillstudio)  has announced its new service StockCG, a Free Project manager, browser and an online Assetsmarket tool for autodesk Maya. The system enables visualization user interfaces(UI) to manage your projects files over maya, as well as provide a social-based assets market and easy assets sharing with colleagues and co workers. Visually viewing […]

Check the new features below  ShaderMonger© is a Pipeline tool from Brillstudio directed to small and large studios as well as individual shading artists. Essentially its a Shader Library Manager tool that enables multiple users to Share the same resources together over multiple projects while maintaining access to their relevant shader libraries, and of course asseting the new shaders created during workflow for later usage in […]

  Download ©ShaderMonger  for Maya  ,Catalog , organize your shaders and share them with the 3d Community. ShaderMon , the new MAYA tool from Brillstudio, will give Maya shader artists the ability to save their shaders in a project based personal library,catalog them,backup the shaders to a Main library and load them anytime to any […]

Fluids cacher is as it sounds, it enables easy managing for caching multiple fluids faster by optimization methods , such as hiding containers not currently cached, hiding the the fluid layer while caching etc. features: -playblasting after cache is done -multiple caching of fluids at once -caching only one container at a time while disabling […]

NBcloth Tools is a pipeline tool that automates the caching and finaling process of simulating a 3d character using nCloth. it gives the animator tools to tweak the cloth to its final stage and cache it to maya geometry cache. As cloth artists, we always reach a point where we have a simulation and a […]

Back around 2002-2003 when voyant health was still orthocrat. this was how trauma-cad started to get its look and feel. Voyant Health™ is the new name of Orthocrat—the creator of TraumaCad™. Voyant Health has one mission: dramatically improve the orthopedic surgeon’s work process to support high-quality care and allow more time with patients. We help […]

This GUI was Created for DreamTeam-LTD back around 1999 ,as a new interface for their motion capture software Typhoon. A robust interface that enabled pre-editing scenes, live mocap recording, post process fixing and editing, and finally a fully orchestrated performance interface to sync elements into a live show.