Premiere Evening of Cannon fodder was great!

Not going to say much about the film , there are a ton of articles all over the net, look it up :)



This shot was  apparently a unique one amongst zombie movies world wide.

As i was told, no one  ever created a “back spine pull” shot before, so i’m glad we were the first to try.

Anyway , it was a great pleasure to work on this (even for a short while) with Eitan Gafni, look out for more of his work soon.

The shot took about a week more or less to make and included ncloth simulation, realflow Sims, and compositing .

FX spine shot Created By Brillstudio

Director:Eitan Gafni

Producer: Tom Goldwasser, Yafit Shalev

Cannon fodder the film is out now , look for it in a cinema near you.



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