About me

nadav brill FX artists and pipeline TD Hi, I’m Nadav Brill, Artists, Entrepreneur, VFX artist and pipeline TD. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling around the world and working with great people on a variety of great projects , having worked with some of the world’s leading production houses over my 20 years of experience in the 3D industry , some of the bigger names include  MPC (London), Rainmaker (Vancouver), Starz entertainment (Toronto), Gravity VFX (Israel) etc., where I gained substantial experience in pipeline and FX work.

I gained allot of experience with cloth simulations (syflex,ncloth)and developed a unique approach to character cloth setups and  simulating shots in mass quantities.

I’ve also developed unique ways to engage simulation with  Shave & Haircut via Maya’s hair system.

I’m very passionate about new interfacing  and 3d technologies in this day and age like VR, Unity ,WebGL, leapmotion, kinnect etc., and always on the lookout  to use my creative skills to utilize these together and form innovative solutions.

My main focus the past year was with StockCG , A powerful pipeline based project manager with cloud storage abilities for Autodesk’s Maya that comes with an in app market place.

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