Coming soon with StockCG PRO

Are you working in Autodeks Maya? Working in teams? then this tool is for you.

  1. Manage CG Projects visually and intuitively.
    • See your files visually!
    • Scroll between projects, Search project files.
    • Track versions, Edit notes, Create playblasts linked to file.
    • Share or download community assets.
    • Send images and videos for approval easily.
    • No server installation required.


  2. Manage and Arrange your own Shader Library.

    Previously known as Shadermonger , now joins StockCG.

    • Main library (network)  and project based library.
    • Breaking down shaders from objects or materials and extracting  individual shading Groups.
    • Extracting multiple shaders at one go.
    • 4 different templates
    • Rendering thumbnails from most render engines (Maya software, mentalRay,Vray etc.. )
    • Easily Grouping and cataloging shaders.
    • Moving and and importing shaders across projects(with smart texture management).
  3. Built-in Media Viewer !
    • Supports 19 images and movieformats.
    • Cached thumbnails for quick load.
    • Browse through your project’s images and sourceimages folders easily.
    • Bookmark favorite locations from your Textures library.
    • Send any item  to your peers and friends and get feedback.
    • Converts sequences and movies to AVI or MP4 with a single click.
    • Insert image assets quickly as: IBL,texture,image plane, projection etc..
  4. Google image search in Maya!

    Enhance your creativity, download free textures, backgrounds, references and more…

    • Import directly as Blinn with texture
    • Import directly as IBL
    • Easily look up of references and free textures online.
    • Import search result into textures, image planes or materials with a click of a button.
  5. Built-in SketchFab Exporter
    • Export entire scenes with this exporter.
    • Embed sketchfab viewer into your asset’s pages automatically.
  6. Track Sales and Profits in real time.
    • View statistics over your asset sales and revenues.
    • Set your cashout limits and balance left for credits.
  7. Earn up to 85 % of your sales



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