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nadav brill FX artists and pipeline TD

Nadav Brill, Entrepreneur, VFX artist and pipeline TD. I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world and working with great people on a variety of great projects over my 15 years of experience in productions, having worked with some of the world’s leading production houses, including MPC (London), Rainmaker (Vancouver), Starz entertainment (Toronto), Gravity VFX (Israel) etc., where I gained substantial experience in pipeline and FX work.

My specialties are Cloth and Hair Simulations and creating automation pipeline tools for studios with projects that require large shot quotas.I love Traveling & meeting new people from the industry.

My services:  Professional consulting services to studios with pipeline & FX tasks, providing cost effective solutions to post production studios. I specialize in cloth simulations automation and customized pipeline creation according to studio needs enabling them to reach the target deadline. Providing a set of tools to automate procedures such as automatic batching  processes for simulations over large shots quota, I’m also offering outsourcing services.


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